This is the time of year that everyone’s skin is crying for help. Living in freezing cold temperatures for months on end really stresses and dries out our skin. At Body+Beauty, we have the perfect solution to cure your winter weathered skin.


Our Pure+Fresh 100% Pure Jojoba Oil is the perfect start to get nourished, hydrated skin in this harsh Buffalo weather. Jojoba oil can be used to hydrate from head to toe on the hair, face, and body. It is anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and non-toxic, which makes is the perfect addition to any skin or hair routine.

One of my favorite uses for jojoba oil is using it as a makeup remover. There is nothing that removes dirt and oil from the skin better than an oil. With all of its benefits, jojoba leaves the skin cleansed while keeping it soft and moisturized. It can even be mixed into your everyday face moisturizer to add a boost of hydration and soothing property. Since it is completely fragrance free and naturally derived, it is perfect even for the most sensitive skin.

When used in hair, jojoba oil has endless benefits. With all of the heat styling, dryness and damage that we do to our hair, jojoba can be used to reverse all of these and improve skin’s overall condition. It is extremely efficient in dealing with dry and damaged hair, and can even help with dandruff, hair loss or oily hair.

Jojoba oil is the “miracle ingredient” that you have been missing in your everyday routine. Come see me at Body+Beauty so I can show you how jojoba oil can save you from your dry winter skin!

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