When Laura Mercier first introduced her cosmetic line, she was the first makeup artist to pioneer the idea of foundation primer and her Flawless Face Philosophy. Since then, she has been a leader of perfecting the “natural as possible” look with her foundations and tinted moisturizer. Laura’s revolutionary steps to getting a flawless look can be customized to fit any woman’s lifestyle.

When Laura developed her “Flawless Face” concept, it originally had 4-steps to the flawless face. These steps included Foundation Primer, Foundation, Concealer, and Setting Powder. All of these steps were included in her traditional makeup application. Since the line has progressed and expanded, Laura now says that each womans steps to her flawless look are very customizable. Whether you like to stick to the original 4 steps, my personal favorite, or customizing your own look, everyone can find their flawless with Laura Mercier. Here is my favorite way to apply her easy 4-step concept to your everyday look

Step 1: Foundation Primer. This is the first step of your makeup that separates your foundation from your skin care. Not only does this create a smooth surface for your foundation to be applied to, but it gives it a much longer wear. She has a variety of different primers but all are, for the most part, applied the same. All you have to do is take a small pea-sized amount and blend it over your entire face, give it a few seconds to absorb, then start applying your foundation.


Step 2: Foundation. Laura Mercier now has several different amazing formulas of foundation, her most famous being her Tinted Moisturizer. With all of her foundations, you need just the smallest amount to get the most perfect coverage. Each foundation provides a different level of coverage so it is easy to find the perfect match for everyone.


Step 3: Concealer. This is a step that really brings everything together and really makes the skin look flawless. Concealer is meant to be used where we would like a little extra coverage. A lot of women think they need a full coverage foundation because they have a few areas where extra coverage is needed. The truth is that very few of us need full coverage foundation. All we need is a little concealer! One type of concealer that she makes is meant to brighten up the under eye, while the other is used in areas around the rest of the face where we may have slight imperfections that we would like to conceal.


Step 4: Setting Powder. This is a step that is amazing at finishing the look and giving the perfect polished finish to the skin. There are two types of setting powder used in Laura’s Flawless Face. She is one of the only cosmetic lines that makes a specific setting powder for the under eye called Secret Brightening Powder. This powder not only sets your concealer, but gives an extra illuminated appearance to the under eye area. The second and most popular setting powder is her Translucent Setting Powder. This powder is lightly dusted over the entire face to set foundation. This brings the skin to more of a matte glow at first then allows the makeup to develop its own natural glow as you wear it during the day. This is the final step to ensure that your makeup will not budge or disappear throughout your long day. Your makeup will last for hours and you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you won’t even need a touch up!


As of Fall 2014, she now has 24 new shades of flawless in the form of her new Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide foundation. This new formula is perfect for all skin types. It is a long-wear oil-free foundation that blurs the line between skin and makeup. Flawless Fluide is designed to give the best, most flawless coverage in a lightweight formula.

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