February is here and what an amazing start it has been here at Tony Walker & Co. I am SO excited about all of the things we have going on here, but what I’m most excited about is Bogavia’s launch of the Rimini Lilac Rose collection. This collection is heavenly. It is something that EVERY women should have in their  skin care routine. Taking care of your skin is so important and with the harsh weather conditions in Buffalo it is even more crucial to take care of your skin, and I’m not just talking about your face I’m talking about your entire body. We tend to focus only on our face and frequently forget about the rest of our skin.

I’m really obsessing over rose right now because it is extremely beneficial for your skin. I love the Pure+Fresh Rose Hydration Spray, used to set your makeup after application. I sometimes even lightly spray it over my beauty blender when applying my foundation.


The Rimini Lilac Rose collection covers everything, literally. Start off with the lush body wash, continue with the exfoliating salt scrub and top off the treatment with our moisturizing and contouring body lotion. Rose is crucial for the upkeep of your skin, especially during these bitter winter months where skin hydration is a necessity. So come in this weekend for Valentine’s Day and give your skin a little bit of love with our new Rimini Lilac Rose Collection.

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