Men’s Frye Trunk Show at Tony Walker & Co


Assuming you took our advice last week, you should be all set in the sneaker department.  Lets take a second to consider the benefits of an overall footwear wardrobe.  There are some styles you just need to own.  And on this one, I’m talking guys.  You think you’re simple. And you may be right, but don’t let your shoes give some the wrong impression.

Your running sneakers should be for running (or the gym).  Your Chucks are good with jeans or in the summer (not with slacks).  Your winter boot should be for those truly terrible days (or shoveling the driveway).  Your Sperry’s? They are a boat shoe (so wear them on the boat, or I guess to a BBQ).

You’re in luck today with the arrival of Frye men’s.  Here we are talking about the boot that can easily transition you from September until April.  Thats a big chunk of time with a lot of question marks in “What shoe makes sense today?” First you should look at The Philip Chelsea.  An all black dress boot with incredible versatility.  Wear it with a suit, or pair it with jeans.  This boot can seriously eliminate any guess work you have on a daily basis.

The Walter Lace Up is another go-to you should stock in your closet.  This is the perfect everyday boot to go from casual to dapper.  The tan upper gives it the perfect blend of nonchalance and attention to detail.  Make sure to stop by the Sneaker Advantage today to get your favorite new boot before this limited time trunk is gone!

~ Dan Maz, Sneaker Advantage

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