Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Emotions aside, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. We know it’s basically a made up Hallmark holiday, but it’s really impossible to completely ignore the day devoted to love.  It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s red and pink, heart and chocolate everything, and restaurants with Valentine’s Day specials. Whether you’re single or taken, embrace the holiday …


Modern Luxuri Custom Jewelry with Cheryl

Every magazine I’ve picked up over the last couple months shows ladies from LA to NY layering simple silver and gold necklaces and bracelets ranging from precious stones to cute little shapes like arrows, infinity signs, and little religious symbols on their necks. We’re lucky enough to have Modern Luxuri Custom Jewelry at the Jewelry …


Modern Luxuri Shawls & Scarves

[vimeo 114263537] It’s freezing outside and it’s hard to believe that this is just the start of what will most likely be a very long and cold winter.  Just wearing a jacket isn’t going to cut it for the bitter cold temperatures and wind, which is why you need a scarf and shawl from Modern …


TW&Co Check List for your Holiday Travels

Traveling home for the holidays is always exciting and a little bit stressful, especially if it involves airports and long distance travel.  We put together the ultimate carry on to make sure you have everything you need and arrive in style without breaking any TSA regulations. 1. The Longchamp Travel Bag- This extra-large travel bag …


Fashion First Friday at Tony Walker & Co

Of course the holiday season is supposed to be about giving and shopping for your loved ones, but there is no reason you shouldn’t make a purchase or two for yourself.  Come in today at 5pm and start your weekend with us. Fashion First Friday is the perfect opportunity to buy something new as a …


Custom Jewelry by Modern Luxuri

Personal style is just that; personal. Why not wear jewelry that matches your style. We just recently added yet another personal touch to our already unique and customizable Modern Luxuri collection. Our in house jeweler Jillian is able to customize any of her pieces to fit your needs. Whether it’s as simple as lengthening or …


New Modern Luxuri Scarves have arrived at TW&Co

When it comes to fall essentials, Modern Luxuri scarves are a must have on my list.  From their soft fabrics, to versatile styles, and fun patterns, they are the best scarf you will buy this season.  These scarves become the perfect accessory for any outfit and I think I’m developing an addiction to them.  Our …


Modern Luxuri Lipsticks for National Lipstick Day

When I was younger, I watched my Mom put on her lipstick every morning before work and I couldn’t wait to be old enough to put lipstick on.  When I finally became old enough to wear makeup, lipstick was NOT even an option in my books.  Lipstick was for older women and I was plenty …


Modern Luxuri Summer Essential Kit

I’m pretty much on the go constantly during the summer and need a few key items with me at all times that I can use whether I’m at the beach or at work.  I love having a summer glow and do my best to keep it even though I spend most of my work day …


Jewelry Trends with Jules: How to Perfect the Layered Look

The world of jewelry has never been more exciting than it is right now.  We are  [thankfully] in a fashion phase where the more jewelry you can layer, the better.  From arm parties to brass knuckle-resembling ring assortments there is no end in sight and no reason to stop adding.  We have mastered the midi …

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