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New Infrared Sauna at Tony Walker Body+Beauty

I heard the Spa at Body+Beauty was getting an Infrared Sauna and was immediately excited….but I had no clue how an Infrared Sauna was any different than a traditional sauna. My excitement was purely based off of the fact that we are always adding something new and amazing to our product and service offerings.  I’ve …


Alkalized Water Now at Body+Beauty

I am so excited to write about the alkalized water we’ve brought into Body+Beauty.  Its something that everyone can benefit from and should be educated on.  It is common for people have issues with their skin breaking out or being extremely dry especially around this time of the year. What they don’t know is a …


TW&Co Check List for your Holiday Travels

Traveling home for the holidays is always exciting and a little bit stressful, especially if it involves airports and long distance travel.  We put together the ultimate carry on to make sure you have everything you need and arrive in style without breaking any TSA regulations. 1. The Longchamp Travel Bag- This extra-large travel bag …


The Miracle Product from RMS Beauty at Body+Beauty

I have a typical routine when I arrive at the office – organize my desk, check my email and calendar, and then take a quick walk through the store and make a list of new products and brands to feature on the blog. I thought my list was done when I went through the Tony …


Brittney Nagy was spotted at Body+Beauty in the plaza.

Today was Brittany’s day off, but apparently she just couldn’t stay away.  We found her trying on some glittery nail polish after an early morning facial appointment with Victoria at Tony Walker Body + Beauty. I asked Britt about her favorite brands and products, and what she was shopping for today. ~ Amy Anderson, Event …


Sneaker Advantage Run Club Every Tuesday at 7PM

The first of July marks our halfway point through 2014.  Can you remember back to January? The resolutions? The blizzards? These are both things of the past.  Lets look to a new resolution with some added support from the Sneaker Advantage family. Going for a run in the oppressively hot heat can be hard to …


The Suki Skincare Event at Body+Beauty

Molly Brown from Suki is coming to Tony Walker Body+Beauty on Thursday, July 17th for an evening of complimentary organic Suki petite facials and Suki skin consultations.  Suki recently reformulated and repackaged her entire line.  Molly is going to formally introduce the latest products from their skincare line. If you haven’t tried Suki skincare before, this …


The Ultimate Summer Snack Chip at The Beauty Bar

  Add a Little Crunch to Your Healthy Diet. Grain Free, check.  Gluten Free, check. Vegan, check. Sugar Free, check. Soy Free, check.  Rawxies newest products are outrageously delicious and healthy.  The new Rawxie Crunch comes in three different flavors and so many different ways to enjoy.  Their bold summer flavors will compliment any of …


Beauty Seminar: The Amazing Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the most powerful and nutritious superfoods in the world. These tiny seeds are an excellent source of fiber, packed with antioxidants, full of protein, loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are also the richest known plant source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Chia seeds pack a powerful punch by giving …


Sneaker Advantage Seminar: Superfeet

  On the heels (pun most certainly intended) of my Corporate Challenge post last week, I would like to delve further into life with Superfeet.  So you ran the race, and your shoe was ok (this is of course if you chose to NOT get fit in a new shoe).  If you pulled a hammy, …

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