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Alkalized Water Now at Body+Beauty

I am so excited to write about the alkalized water we’ve brought into Body+Beauty.  Its something that everyone can benefit from and should be educated on.  It is common for people have issues with their skin breaking out or being extremely dry especially around this time of the year. What they don’t know is a …


‘Have Your Cake And Eat It Too’ at The Beauty Bar

As resident photographer at Tony Walker, I couldn’t wait for my project to snap photos of the Beauty Desserts at The Beauty Bar.  Their petite beauty, cute packaging and adorable little serving spoons have always caught my attention.  They have all the little details an artist admires… To be honest though, I had never tried any …


Brittney Nagy was spotted at Body+Beauty in the plaza.

Today was Brittany’s day off, but apparently she just couldn’t stay away.  We found her trying on some glittery nail polish after an early morning facial appointment with Victoria at Tony Walker Body + Beauty. I asked Britt about her favorite brands and products, and what she was shopping for today. ~ Amy Anderson, Event …


The Ultimate Summer Snack Chip at The Beauty Bar

  Add a Little Crunch to Your Healthy Diet. Grain Free, check.  Gluten Free, check. Vegan, check. Sugar Free, check. Soy Free, check.  Rawxies newest products are outrageously delicious and healthy.  The new Rawxie Crunch comes in three different flavors and so many different ways to enjoy.  Their bold summer flavors will compliment any of …


Beauty Seminar: The Amazing Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the most powerful and nutritious superfoods in the world. These tiny seeds are an excellent source of fiber, packed with antioxidants, full of protein, loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are also the richest known plant source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Chia seeds pack a powerful punch by giving …


Skin Loving Foods at The Bogavia Beauty Bar

The skin is affected by everything we put into it. Sometimes, it is necessary to detox the body by enjoying a cleanse with a fresh pressed juice. A One Day Juice Cleanse is an easy way to get rid of the bad things we have taken in.  The cleanse will reset the body and leave …


Beauty Seminar: Acai Bowls at The Beauty Bar

If you have Instagram, you know all about “food porn” and “foodstagramming”, the Acai Bowl isn’t just made with a super fruit, but it’s also definitely Instagram worthy – basically, we describe it as delicious breakfast porn. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a berry native to Central and South America. It has a super fabulous list of …


Bundle Organics at The Bogavia Beauty Bar

We just received our first shipment from Bundle Organics, the first line of organic prenatal juices, fully pasteurized and specially designed to address the unique nutritional needs of expecting moms. Each juice is packed with the best organic fruits and veggies for pregnancy, along with an extra boost of essential vitamins for mom and baby, …


Spring Salad with a Pure+Fresh Tumeric-Tahini Dressing

For earth day, I wanted to create a vibrant, healthy dish that celebrates all the natural goods of spring! I made a Turmeric-Tahini Dressing for a vibrant spring mix salad topped with chicken, using TumericALIVE – Original Elixir from the Bogavia Beauty Bar and the Dastony Organic Sesame Seed Butter from the Pure+Fresh Pantry.  It …


Wild Poppy Organic Juices at The Bogavia Beauty Bar

[vimeo 84323631] These days healthy juices are more like smoothies. What if you’re just thirsty, not yearning for a liquid meal? We like Wild Poppy  Organic Juices, now available in four flavors at The Bogavia Beauty Bar. They’re all made from citrus and other fruit biodynamically grown in California. The combinations are awesome and new with Blood Orange …