I am so excited to write about the alkalized water we’ve brought into Body+Beauty.  Its something that everyone can benefit from and should be educated on.  It is common for people have issues with their skin breaking out or being extremely dry especially around this time of the year. What they don’t know is a lot of it has to do with the pH level in your body.  There are plenty of amazing benefits of alkalized water – lets focus on the top 5. First and foremost, alkalized water is super hydrating.  Hydrating your body is the number one factor for optimum health. During ionization your alkaline water filter forms your water into micro clusters that are more easily absorbed at the cellular levels thus “super hydrating” your body.  Cool, right? Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins. Even better, alkalizing your body’s pH levels wards off cancer and many other illnesses that cannot survive in alkalized environments.


Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing harmful free radicals. Because alkaline water has the ability to give up electrons, it can effectively neutralize and block free-radical damage to the body. Ionized alkaline water seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation. Alkalized water helps boost your immune system and helps you fight diseases.

Come into to Body+Beauty and get your alkalized water. We have a large glass jug you buy for $10.00 and then you can refill it for $6.00 and your 10th refill is free!

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